ArtEZ International Research school aims to develop and professionalise the research community of ArtEZ


ArtEZ will claim its position as an international research institute for the arts. ArtEZ believes that research in and through arts could benefit our understanding of arts, culture and society. ArtEZ develops a research agenda that is flexible and responds to important and contemporary questions in arts and society.


AIRs aims:

  • to develop and professionalise the research community of ArtEZ by organising meetups, conferences and a winter school. Here, researchers from different art disciplines show and discuss their questions, methodologies and (expected) impact on arts and society. Master students, teachers, professors of ArtEZ and researchers from abroad share their research projects to debat, stimulate and inspire art research.
  • to share practical information and experiences about how to do research (initiating, financing, conducting, evaluating and disseminating research).
  • to reach the wider international research community in arts, and to stimulate and facilitate international exchanges between ArtEZ staff involved in research. At the same time AIRs aims to increase the visibility of the professorships of ArtEZ.



AIRs is part of the ArtEZ University of the Arts. It is an initiative of the ArtEZ professors for Fashion (Daniëlle Bruggeman), Theory in the Arts (Peter Sonderen), Arts and Cultural Education (Jeroen Lutters) and E||scape (Jeroen van den Eijnde). The AIRs events are organised in co-operation with the master programmes. 


Supporting management team: Wendy de Visser en Veronique Steenmetser.