Research in the Lab: November 8, 2017

Wednesday Nov 8

Wednesday November 8 the professors together with the Master programmes organise a second AIRs Meetup. After the success on September 13 this ArtEZ International Research School meetup will take place in Zwolle.
The programme is a result of the cooperation between the professorships and the Master of Interior Architecture and the Master of Music Therapy. The meetup is organised within the framework of the Lab Masters: Interior Architecture, Music Therapy, Art Education and Fashion Design. We invite all master students and everybody involved in research or with special interest in art research at ArtEZ.

We are very pleased that we can welcome Michael Viega, assistant professor Music Therapy of the State University of New York, who will speak about Arts-Based Research in Action.
After this keynote speaker Artur Jaschke, the new assistant professor in Music Therapy and Neuromusicology, gives an introduction on music and the brain.
Research project Music Therapy
Students of the master Music Therapy together with Laurien Hakvoort, senior research fellow of Music Therapy give a presentation about their project for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Research suggests that music might positively influence collaboration of new networks within their brain. Bypassing some of the limiting functions the patients might walk better, move better and improve their cognitive executive functions. Is it enough to just use such a basic feature as a pulse to influence these processes, or does live improvised music have a stronger impact? The audience will experience some of the musical effects while participating in these techniques.
Research project Annika Beuving

Annika Beuving, alumna of the Master Interior Design, presents her research ‘The choreography of daily movements’. She went in search of a new perspective on interior architecture through dance. “I discovered that dancers view space in two different ways: the user space (how much room the dancer uses for his or her performance) and the emotional space (how large movements are in order to convey a particular emotion). How would it be if these methods were transferred to the home? What would your home look like as the setting for your daily activities then?”


Professor E||scape Jeroen van den Eijnde will be our host and will announce the new Winter School, happening from November 27 till December 1 in Arnhem. He will also explain the programme focussed on embodied and speculative design research in the field of fashion, product design and interior architecture.


The meetup ends at 5.30 p.m. with drinks and snacks. This will be an informal moment to discuss research of other participants.

Impression of the Meetup