living lexicon

a new vocabulary for artistic and design research.

please note that the AIRs Living Lexicon is still under construction

The science of creativity has a different language; a complex combination of signs that forms a system, which is used for knowledge circulation and development. It has its own rules, exceptions, definitions and vocabulary. It is alive. It is diverse. It has changed, grew and branched like every other language through time. Our aim, as the Winter School is to figure out how this language works and how we can work with it. Together we will create a tool, a living lexicon, to share and use it.

How to use
The living lexicon invites you to become actively involved in further developing and enhancing concepts for science of creativity. You can do so by sending us your concept (max 2 pages A4) structured as follows:
  • Concept: Name of the concept
  • Author(s): Brief information about the author(s)
  • Discipline(s): From which perspective(s) the concept has been reviewed
  • Definition: Detailed description of the concept
  • History: The evolution of the concept through time
  • References: Related written sources to the concept
  • Examples: images, videos, sound fragments that represent the concept
Please send your concept to:
Editorial Board
Your contribution will be added to the lexicon after reviewed by the editorial board. For more information or questions you can send an email to:
  • Jeroen van den Eijnde
  • Jeroen Lutters
  • Danielle Bruggeman
  • Peter Sonderen